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Why did I become a playboy in 2024 ?

The short story is For play boy job application, back in 2015 I was introduced to the industry by a woman who I was dating because she said it might be something that might suit me. As it seems, I suit it and it suits me well and when I say it suits me, I am referring to what I give my clients, and what my clients give back to me.


Curious about play boy jobs in Warangal? This article dives into the realm of this intriguing profession, answering common questions and providing insights into what it entails to be a play boy in Warangal.

What exactly is Warangal play boy job?

A Warangal play boy job involves offering companionship and entertainment to clients who seek a personalized experience. It may encompass socializing, accompanying clients to events, and fulfilling specific requests within legal boundaries.

How can one pursue a play boy job in Warangal?

Individuals interested in a play boy job in Warangal can explore opportunities through reputable agencies or clubs. These entities often conduct screenings, interviews, and verification processes to ensure suitability and compliance with legal requirements.

Is working as a play boy job in Warangal legal?

Yes, working as a play boy job in Warangal is legal when conducted within the framework of applicable laws and regulations. It’s crucial to collaborate with licensed agencies or clubs to ensure adherence to legal standards.

What are the potential benefits of being a play boy in Warangal?

Working as a play boy in Warangal can offer benefits such as flexible schedules, competitive compensation, networking opportunities, and exposure to diverse social environments.

Are there any risks associated with play boy jobs in Warangal?

As with any profession involving social interactions, play boy jobs in Warangal may come with risks such as privacy concerns, emotional challenges, and the need for professionalism and discretion.

What role does a play boy club play in Warangal?

A play boy club in Warangal serves as a platform connecting clients with play boys while ensuring a safe and regulated environment. These clubs often provide support, guidance, and resources to their members.

Is there a connection between play boy jobs and sexual services in Warangal?

It’s essential to clarify that play boy jobs primarily revolve around companionship and entertainment, emphasizing legal and ethical boundaries. Any engagement in sexual services must comply with applicable laws and regulations.


Delving into play boy jobs in Warangal unveils a dynamic and nuanced industry. Whether you’re considering a career in this field or seeking information out of curiosity, understanding the landscape of play boy jobs in Warangal can provide valuable insights and perspectives.

Let me begin with some back story…. I had recently moved to Melbourne, I had returned to studying, was starting a small business and was looking for some extra cash. The usual ish story.

And now the long version,

As I said, I was first introduced to the escorting industry via a lady I had been dating. She had a connection with the agency Male escorts (that agency has sadly closed). We’d had some open chats of what we were looking for from each other, she was looking for exclusive, I was looking for something more open so it wasn’t going to work. She knew of my financial situation (I wasn’t broke, just having a period of low income while I built my business), and had suggested that I try contacting a couple of “friends” of hers and apply to become a male escort.

When I say contact, all my friend gave me was a website, a name and a phone number and some assurance that they were expecting a call, I probably should have known better. I’ll come back to that relationship another day 😉

So after debating a life choice for a month, I finally sent an email. I still remember my nervousness sending that email, thinking what dark and scary trail my life was potentially going to go down. Was I going to be discovered doing this? Was I going to have to publicly announce what I am doing? Was I going to meet someone I know? Oh when I think back, I now know I had nothing to worry about.

I also remember thinking “what do you write for that sort of job application? I honestly just forced myself to write the bare minimum and hit send, I suppose a part of me hoped it would be bad enough that they might reject it at first glance.

But they didn’t, I received an automated reply for me to please fill in the application form and submit a photo of myself (specifically a clothed picture, I’m guessing they’d learnt that lesson). So all my fretting had been for nothing, and it was about to begin again.

The application had some of those lovely open questions like: What do you like best about women? Are you comfortable with women in emotional situations, can you give examples and how did you act? Just Imagine having all the time in the world and only a small text box to answer questions like that? lol

I put some effort in this time and clearly I must have written something right, because I had an interview (I later found out they get thousands of applications a year). On to the next stage of nerves.

Though I had nothing to fear, instead of a hardened Sergeant major/brothel madam, the escorting agency was run by two lovely ladies who I would in the future refer to people as my Melbourne adopted aunt’s. These were lovely ladies who could have lived in your neighborhood, even been your neighbor and you never would have guessed male escort job.

The interview was a comfortable chat, they easily moved from talking about past job experiences, to penis sizes, to how I was finding living in Melbourne and if I’d worked in the adult services industry before. I’d never experienced anything like it, the most comfortable uncomfortable chat I’ve ever had. So good, and this is why I love Melbourne!

I have my hat off to them, because they were both strong feminists and had started the business because they thought women were capable of doing everything men can do, and they thought that should include being able to purchase a quality hot booty call male escort job.

The interview obviously went well and on to the next stage, a trial booking. They would find a lady who was willing to test drive the new talent and report back if he (and later she) was suitable. Could you do it?

So the deal was, everything was like a regular booking. We were to meet at a nice hotel, there was a two hour time limit, and I was told to dress nice. No other instructions, they thought a man would either fly or sink. They also liked every guy to maintain his personal style as they wanted a broad choice of men to offer playboy job

The trial went well 😉😉

But I’m going to leave you hanging for future blogs to write about what happens behind closed doors playboy job

From that point there was a debrief later that week with the ladies running the agency. They wanted to check I was ok (they cared about their guys, they were amazing) and listen to my recount and thoughts on how I went. I’d expressed I thought it had gone really well, it had parts of what I expected, and parts I didn’t expect. The lovely lady had reported the same playboy job.


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