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Delhi’s Gigolo Market: Where Women Bid for Men’s Bodies

New Delhi is known for its diverse and bustling markets, such as Lajpat Nagar Market, Sarojini Nagar Market, Palika Bazaar, and Kamla Nagar Market. However, there’s a lesser-known market in the capital: the “Gigolo Market.” In this market, young men openly trade their bodies, catering to an elite clientele of women from posh areas. These women, often from Rich families, discreetly seek companionship and intimacy.

This clandestine market operates in various upscale neighborhoods of Delhi. Locations like South Extension, INA, Ansal Plaza, Connaught Place, and Janakpuri District Centre become hubs for gigolos between 10 P.M. and 4 A.M. In these areas, young men line up, waiting to be picked up by wealthy women driving luxury cars. The market’s existence highlights a significant, albeit hidden, aspect of Delhi’s nightlife.

Booking and Rates

Booking a gigolo can happen in high-end clubs, pubs, and coffee houses. The rates for these services vary. For a few hours, women pay between Rs. 1800 and Rs. 3000, while an entire night can cost up to Rs. 8000. Prices can go as high as Rs. 15,000, especially if the gigolo has a muscular build and six-pack abs. The transactions are meticulously planned, and gigolos are required to give 20% of their earnings to the organizations they are associated with, such as Playboyzjob.

The Life of a Gigolo

Many young men in Delhi have turned to this profession to meet their financial needs or fulfill their luxurious desires. Among them are students preparing for engineering and medical exams, who find this a lucrative, if controversial, way to support their studies. The market operates systematically, with men often identified by their attire. They wear a red scarf or neck strap, making it easier for women to identify and pick them up.

The color and style of the scarf can even indicate specific attributes, such as the length of the gigolo’s penis, adding an additional layer of choice for the client. This strange but structured form of signaling is part of the hidden rules of the gigolo market.

Playboyzjob: A Leading Platform

One of the leading platforms facilitating these connections is Playboyzjob. The website provides a streamlined service for both clients and gigolos, ensuring that transactions are conducted smoothly and discreetly. Playboyzjob has gained popularity for its user-friendly interface and extensive network, making it easier for women to find the right companion.

Gigolos associated with Playboyzjob receive training to ensure they meet the high expectations of their clients. They are taught how to maintain their appearance, communicate effectively, and provide a satisfactory experience. This training includes mastering the art of flattery, maintaining high fitness levels, and understanding the nuances of intimacy.

A Night in the Gigolo Market

As night falls, the gigolo market comes alive. From 10 P.M., young men start gathering in designated areas. They dress in a way that makes them stand out but remain inconspicuous enough not to draw unwanted attention. As luxury cars drive by, negotiations begin. Women discreetly choose their companions for the night, and once a deal is struck, they drive off together.

The market operates under a veil of secrecy, with both parties keen on maintaining discretion. The men involved are not just there for financial gain but often see it as a way to experience the thrill of the night and the allure of being desired. For many, working with platforms like Playboyzjob provides a sense of security and professionalism that might be lacking in more informal arrangements.

The Hidden Reality

While the gigolo market in Delhi is a testament to changing social dynamics, it also sheds light on the hidden lives of many young men. These men often balance their nocturnal activities with daytime responsibilities, such as attending college or working other jobs. Their reasons for entering the market are varied—some seek to pay off debts, others to fund their education, and some simply for the thrill and financial rewards.

Organizations like Playboyzjob play a crucial role in this ecosystem, offering support and structure to gigolos. They provide a platform where these young men can connect with clients, ensuring safety and confidentiality for both parties. However, the market’s existence also raises questions about the socio-economic pressures that drive young men into this line of work.

The gigolo market in Delhi is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon. It operates in the shadows, yet it’s an integral part of the city’s nightlife. Platforms like Playboyzjob have brought a level of organization and professionalism to the industry, making it accessible and safe for those involved. As society continues to evolve, the demand for such services is likely to persist, reflecting broader changes in social attitudes and economic realities.

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